04 juin 2010

happy all

stay at home, suddenly felt the grown up, 23 years, 18 MBT Shoes Clearanceyears old I was thinking to feed themselves, have gone so long, or did not find to feed its own direction, laughing at their own grief too strong, but Gaibu Diao, laugh at themselves but always unable to control those who plan their own feelings. Laugh at yourself, read so many books, but I do not know why the use of the book. Lying in bed, think to go this year, perhaps next year to set my life to live.

want to write too much, want too much, want to see too many, too many want to experience, like clinging too much. Too many to even more beautiful. Because too many will not find the kind of simple happiness. Turned and said to myself, do not forget to smile, happy all the time.
separated the two places, night I was thinking of suffering.
countless times, you disappeared from my sight. My heart was stung numerous times.
tears outside the car watching you, I always wanted to leave, but you never stay!
my dead love! Because it generated from? Or because we have not learned love?

Now, I finally bid farewell to the days of such separation. I have lost you!
love, what is it? I loved, hated, hurt too! Has never been forgotten!
5 years of ups and downs we all one's fatigue. I have to blame? I Yuanshui? Who would I be hated? Parallels in the nature of life we are unable to escape!
always wanted to say to you: I do not go, okay? But eventually I did not say it! I finally did the opportunity to tell you that phrase I always wanted to say it!
I love the people, we Why separate? I am not good enough? Lack of care? Or have I inadvertently put pressure on you? Or whether we have committed the same mistake?

life, there are many such stories, a lot of people are MBT Shoes Salenot because they do not love each other and separated, but because of too much love will produce this or that kind of contradiction! Final choice will not hurt!
love, unavoidable harm, if you have the courage to continue to fall in love. If you lose the courage to love, then slowly forgotten in time now!
I always kind of wayward, always take breaking up as you retain the chips. This I tell you the bet to the end of my failure. I would like to smile in front of others, I would like to point you happy. But my dear, I can not do so. Some people say I should forget you, I know forget more easily than insist. But my dear, I love the end of the end of our love. I have lost the courage to love! Not you with me, only black and white days! Not have color in the world! Without you, my love is with the wind, as tears slowly dissipated over time!

you said let me forget you, I want to forget you! But I can see no matter where you go, then drop off the heartache tears.
Some people say: how much love can be repeated? As long as the heart, it can be repeated! But my dear you are too injured, too painful, refuses to give me an opportunity near you! I know wanting to go, is your excuse for injuries. But if you look back, you know how much I regret it! How I would like to walk you every step of this life ... ...
you will not hear me say how much I regret the pain and more! I can do is to let your mind at ease! Even if I decided to punish his ERA lifetime! Dear, you happy right?
these memorial my dead love.
dear, let me, at that time, I love you.
In that time, I love you! This tone is just for you!
came round to remember Discount MBT Shoesthe last bit, smile faded at the lips.
I stood in the corner, secretly watching the street crying.

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